Custom Finished Shades
This Department of Turn of the Century Lampshades, Inc. is our pride and joy. This is what we are all about. We have a combined sixty years of experience in making these elegant Victorian Lampshades. Each of us is gifted with art backgrounds and we love to put out works of art. The challenge of designing the style, colors, beads or fringe and making the perfect fit for our customer's taste and decor is something we never get tired of. We also like to create that one of a kind type shade where the customer provides us with fabrics, maybe a special occasion lace, or fabrics we have found in our travels. There are two categories;

1. The Cinderella Line: This is our top of the line shade we started with which best represents the true Victorian Lampshade. You have about 75 styles, 30 color combinations and 30 styles of beads to choose from. Each color combination has two colors. A crepe back satin is the base fabric and sheer georgette makes the pleated fans and rosettes. Hand dyed fringes, trims and laces compliment the two colors.

2. The Candied Shade: was also a style of the Victoria era, sometimes referred to as the sandpaper shade or sugar shade. They were usually hand painted then covered with tiny sand grit size glass beads. We use a high quality transfer design commonly used on china and ceramics. There are thousands of designs, but we carefully pick floral designs that complement the panel size and color combinations available. It is a very lengthy process. When the light is on it gives you a rich photo quality design and depth. The candied panels are usually placed where we put the pleated fans or rosettes.


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